Founder: Kursad KOKLU

KOKLU GROUP OF COMPANIES has been rendering services to agriculture sector which was founded in Mersin in the year 2001 with the title "KOKLU TARIM" tor the purpose of acting as regional dealer of miscellaneous firms.AGROMER BIOSAN Ltd has been established in the year 2005 under the brand name AGROMER PLANT NUTRITION and has obtained 120 different sorts of product and their registrations in organic and chemical fertilizer by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture at the same time applied many management systems such as IS0 9001 quality management system. It also carries out contract manufacturing tor regional major dealers throughout Turkey as well as rendering service to private sector organizations and goverment agencies such as the Association of Beet Planters (Pankobirlik) and Turkey Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. FARMACHEM KIMYA which is one of the members of the group companies has a 7.600 m2 facility in Mersin TARSUS ORGANIZED INDUSTRY is one of the most important producers in private label production tor the important organizations in the sector with its dosing NPK facility, 80 tons / day - sc-wp production lines, state-ofthe- art laboratory. FARMACHEM also carries out contact manufacturing tor the main major institution of Turkey such as KONYA SEKER. In 2017 at the same time FARMACHEM signed distributorship agreements that is out of his portfolio for the Turkish market with SOCIETA CHIMICA LARDEROLLO S.P.A that is one of the ltaly´s leading liquid fertilizer producers and alsa with SCIT 2000 which is one of ltaly´s leading animal origin amino acid producers that complement the products in its portfolio aims to introduce special formulated products to the Turkish farmers in Turkey. AGROKEY KIMYA which is the other member of group companies is the boutique company based in Mersin, which produces slow release special npk products and hydrophonic agricultural products & technological products that are not in the portfolio of other group companies. KEMITO AS one of our group companies since 1986 to nowadays is one of the most important companies of the sector which introduced many product ranges to the sector with their principles, has a dealer network in local market and in other countries added its experience to KOKLU GROUP OF COMPANIES.

KOKLU GROUP OF COMPANIES aims ´´Producing Formulas Rather Than Fertilizers" by following the latest developments and innovations in the field of agricultural production with its expert chemist and biochemist team in the direction of R&D studies; employ enzymathic hydrolysis methods, organic acid reaction processes, fermentors and reactors. lt´s goal is to provide the best and highest quality services to its customers to maintain satisfaction of its customers at the highest level and to act as a solution partner in plant production with "The Right Solutions For Agricultural Problems" the light of the slogan; in the period of vegetative production from planting to the harvest with the solution partners that are producing environmentally-friendly products and carrying out its activities with a deep sense of social responsibility. KOKLU GROUP OF COMPANIES aim with the goal of achieving high yields and superior quality with adopting relevant cost values for the farmers that include high plant nutrient content and has special targeted formulations as a leader manufacturer of plant nutrition products .

KOKLU GROUP OF COMPANIES assume long term responsibility in Turkish Agriculture and World agriculture to take active role in passing from country agriculture to high yield agriculture with its quality plant nutrition aims to serve his farmers and dealers with quality products that involve technique service and support. in the direction of today´s aims; more than 400 hundered products sorts, dealer network throughout the country and representatives in 18 countries with annual capacity of 16,800 tons in his facility to sustainable live to the continue of agriculture. We know the obligation of the increasing fertilizer usage in the decreasing agriculture fields to constitute an ecological environment and with due regard we continue to produce natural quality and right products. We promise to our valuable business partners, shareholders, dealers and precious farmers as in the past that we will bring you together in the future with betler products. 



Chairman Of Board

Kursad KOKLU